Leavehome: A Beautiful New Hypnotic Timelapse Video of New Zealand


Video: Air New Zealand Releases The ‘Most Epic’ Airline Safety Video Ever

As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we’re thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. Special cameos by Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman and Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor. Directed by Taika Waititi. Enjoy!

Exploring New Zealand Via Campervan

One of the undeniable facts about New Zealand is its spectacular natural beauty. From towering snow-capped mountains surrounded by electric-blue glacial lakes to eerie, misty forests clinging precariously to the sides of majestic mountains and dazzling beaches; it is simply breathtaking!

The best way to explore all the nooks and crannies of this insanely beautiful country is by a campervan from a company like Spaceships Rentals (they also serve Australia). A campervan gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and it serves as your very own home away from home that you can park within nature in New Zealand’s most breathtaking locations, at the edge of shimmering lakes, at the foot of mountains or along a splendid beach. There is a huge number captivating places to explore in a campervan, here are just a few of the best:


It is the adrenaline capital of New Zealand and serves up a whole load of entertainment. Aside from its vibrancy it is a place worth stopping over with your campervan, enjoy its panoramic views and engage in exciting activities such as whitewater rafting, scenic walks, jet boating and enjoy a cup of coffee at the waterfront.


Among its many jewels, Lake Tekapo is among New Zealand’s sparkling jewel on its glorious crown. You could not paint a better picture of this impossibly beautiful lake in the Southern Island than what nature has already done. The snowcapped mountains meet the incredibly blue waters of the lake ringed by colorful plants and woodlands creating some of New Zealand’s most famous vistas.


Waihi is a tiny coastal town located on the Bay of Plenty and is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and famous parking spots. In a country where beauty is at every turn, parking your campervan here gives you a clear picture as to why it is so popular. Further along the road is Mount Maunganui, your painting of New Zealand becomes brighter with white sand, crystal clear waters and abundance of wildlife roaming freely.


Franz Josef is a gorgeous little town in the south island whose beauty and places to explore is only second to Queenstown. It is a place to park your campervan, jump into a helicopter and have a thrilling glacier hiking experience.  You can also explore the rainforest and Lake Matherson; just keep your camera ready to capture the scenic beauty.


Most campervan travels cannot help but stop over and enjoy the captivating beauty of this magnificent snowcapped mountain and its turquoise blue glacier lakes. At night, you can enjoy viewing star constellations from New Zealand’s largest peak or take a boat ride in the glacier lakes and admire the beauty from a different angle.


After driving through the mountains, you come across Wanaka and its gorgeous lake and its tranquil atmosphere is ideal for relaxing. During winter, this region turns into a hub for skiing. However, do not write Wanaka off as just a chilling spot, you can enjoy walking, biking or fishing in the lake.

3 Favourite Travel Spots for Kiwi Tourists


Among the Asian countries, India is among the top destinations for the Kiwi tourists every year. It seems that the New Zealand tourist has a taste for India’s exotic delights. In January 2011, there was a significant increase of tourists heading to India from New Zealand alone, with most of them heading there for holidays. While data regarding the age group of who travels to India is hard to come by, a quick check reveals that the average traveller to India is usually on a tourist visa. What’s more, the introduction of direct flights between the two countries has seen the volume of tourist numbers increase on both sides, with cheap flights available from major airlines like Etihad Airways, Delta and Lufthansa.

The Kiwi tourist will definitely fall in love with India. The place provides a cost effective holiday destination for them, considering the price level. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of activities for the typical Kiwi tourist to enjoy. While New Zealand has excellent beach fronts and its own island forests, India’s culture, desert life in the north east, beautiful tea farms in the west, and lush landscapes up in the north offer a variety that the Kiwi tourist is sure to appreciate. What’s more, the cricket scene is as lively (if not more fanatic) as the one in New Zealand, a sport that is sure to excite the Kiwi traveller.


This premier luxury destination has all the makings of a beautiful getaway. This island nation has whole islands dedicated to tourist activity. With about 99 resort islands, the choice on where to stay is one that may be daunting.

It is surprising that this destination would be popular with the Kiwi tourist. Is it not similar to the home country after all? However, the Maldives offer a new and exciting twist that home doesn’t have. Its culture: including the food, music, and history give it an edge. What’s more, New Zealand and Maldives are not that far apart, making it a convenient destination for the Kiwi tourist who wants to enjoy world class hospitality and private beaches. The warm diplomatic relationships between the two countries facilitates easy travel too, so Kiwis head here to relax in a luxury overwater bungalow, sip on a cocktail and enjoy living like a king.

The UK

Both New Zealand and the UK belong to the commonwealth. They also share a great deal of history between them. The attraction between residents of the two countries seems mutual, with large tourist numbers flocking both ways. When you place Australia aside, the UK is one of the top 3 destinations for tourists from New Zealand. In 2011, there were about 187,000 tourists from New Zealand, and they spent a total of about £163 million on their visits that year. With some fantastic tour operators like this to show you around, you can’t go around.

For those who are particularly adventurous, B&B trips around the UK are a fun way of enjoying the delights of the country. They facilitate easy and cheap travel, and also a more intimate experience. From a beach trip to Cornwall to a city escape whilst staying at a B&B in Edinburgh, Kiwis love to explore every corner of the UK. The Kiwi tourist will undoubtedly enjoy the large English breakfasts, delicious local pies, as well as sampling the local beer. The sports scene will also be very appealing, as New Zealanders are passionate about rugby and cricket.

With such a beautiful home country, finding an exciting holiday destination can be challenging for folks from New Zealand, but we think these 3 are more than worthy of a visit!


History: Check Out This Old Video from the 1970′s About Travel in New Zealand


Video: Wild New Zealand – Gorgeous Timelapse

The video is a compilation of the best clips from two weeks trip around the South Island in New Zealand. We went from Christchurch through lake Tekapo, lake Pukaki, Mount Cook, Hooker Valley, Tasman Lake, Kea Point, Lake Hawea, Lake Wanaka, Lake Wakatipu, Te Anau, Doubtful Sound, Milford Sound, Gertrude Saddle, Key Summit, and back to Banks Peninsula and Christchurch.


Video: Peter Jackson talks about New Zealand



Video: Milford Sound Timelapse

Beautiful views of majestic Mitre Peak in this special timelapse feature. See the activity on Milford Sound as boat cruises, hikers and kayakers do their thing.


Video: 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand

Wellington: What to Do in the City on a Budget

If you’re heading over to New Zealand for a break, you’ve probably had to shell out a fair fortune for the flights. Unless you have a literally unlimited budget, you may find that you can’t go all out with the holiday spends after splashing the cash on the journey out.

However, sometimes you’re going to want to treat yourself to something special – a great meal out, renting a car to head to the beach, something like that – so you’ll need a little extra money.

To save up for that occasion, why not try out some of the New Zealand capital’s free activities? There are loads of things to do for free in the Windy City; you can have a great holiday without spending a dime on activities if you want to!

Museum of New Zealand

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (known as Te Papa for short) is a fab little place, and there’s always plenty to do and see there. A recent survey found that if you were to read absolutely everything here, it’d take you about 60,000 hours – nearly 7 years!

Make sure you visit the Colossal Squid exhibition!

Get Your Politics Head On

You can learn a little about the government of New Zealand by going on an education tour through the various Parliament Buildings in Wellington – tours go on every day, and they leave on the hour. The Beehive is a unique building, well worth seeing!

Embark on the Writers Walk

This lovely trek around the waterfront will serve as a wonderful introduction to the hordes of talented and beloved writers who call (or have called) Wellington their home.

The Wellington Writers Walk is a self-guided tour, so you can do it whenever – just pick up a map and enjoy your day!

Like Lord of the Rings?

If you’re a fan of Peter Jackson and his films (he’s a Kiwi, don’t you know?), then you will enjoy a visit to Weta Cave, a small museum dedicated to his works, complete with behind the scenes looks, tonnes of movie memorabilia and video interviews.

If You Have Money to Spare…

One way of saving money is by looking at Cheapflights in New Zealand; if you can manage to spend less on your trip over, then you can afford to spare a little more on the attractions while you’re there.

If you can afford a little expense, we would recommend spending a day riding the fantastic crocodile bikes along the waterfront before stopping off at Maranui for refreshments in the form of a fantastic milkshake.

Ride those bikes up to Zealandia, a conservation sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with some of NZ’s rarest animals. Finish off your evening with a nice meal then pop over to Ciocco for a warming chilli hot chocolate!

One More Thing

Ride the Wellington Cable Car! It only costs NZ$3 to get to the top, where you can get an awesome view across the city. Walk down again and take a (free!) stroll through the Botanic Gardens.