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Video: 100% Middle-earth 100% Pure New Zealand – Extended Edition Unveil your very own Middle-earth experience in a place that will forever keep your under its spell Traveller, your dreams are waiting right here in New Zealand.

Article: The ultimate Middle Earth self drive

To celebrate the release of new film The Hobbit, why not take a tour around its stunning New Zealand filming locations? This 13 day New Zealand self drive literally takes you through Middle Earth – or where Lord of the

Interest in New Zealand Rekindled by ‘The Hobbit’

USA Today has a great feature article on how tourism in New Zealand has been ticking upwards due to interest created by the filming of ‘The Hobbit.’ Here’s an excerpt: Ian Alexander remembers the day well. He was watching a

The Hobbit: Stephen Fry and Peter Jackson Talk Tolkien

Stephen Fry has interview Peter Jackson in the final episode of his new show “Fry’s Planet Word.” In the video below he discusses language and also talks with Peter Jackson about The Hobbit and Tolkien. Check it out: Very interesting

Slashfilm Covers What a Lord of the Rings Tour is Like

One of the writers over at the film website Slashfilm was in New Zealand a few weeks ago and had the chance to take a Lord of the Rings themed tour. Here’s an excerpt: While I was in New Zealand

A Brief Guide to Lord of the Rings Attractions in New Zealand – LOTR Guided Tours

When Frodo and Sam ran around the fields of the Shire and welcomed Gandelf into their village, they were actually running around the Waikato Region on the North Island of New Zealand. And when, at the end of it all,