Exploring New Zealand Via Campervan

One of the undeniable facts about New Zealand is its spectacular natural beauty. From towering snow-capped mountains surrounded by electric-blue glacial lakes to eerie, misty forests clinging precariously to the sides of majestic mountains and dazzling beaches; it is simply breathtaking!

The best way to explore all the nooks and crannies of this insanely beautiful country is by a campervan from a company like Spaceships Rentals (they also serve Australia). A campervan gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and it serves as your very own home away from home that you can park within nature in New Zealand’s most breathtaking locations, at the edge of shimmering lakes, at the foot of mountains or along a splendid beach. There is a huge number captivating places to explore in a campervan, here are just a few of the best:


It is the adrenaline capital of New Zealand and serves up a whole load of entertainment. Aside from its vibrancy it is a place worth stopping over with your campervan, enjoy its panoramic views and engage in exciting activities such as whitewater rafting, scenic walks, jet boating and enjoy a cup of coffee at the waterfront.


Among its many jewels, Lake Tekapo is among New Zealand’s sparkling jewel on its glorious crown. You could not paint a better picture of this impossibly beautiful lake in the Southern Island than what nature has already done. The snowcapped mountains meet the incredibly blue waters of the lake ringed by colorful plants and woodlands creating some of New Zealand’s most famous vistas.


Waihi is a tiny coastal town located on the Bay of Plenty and is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and famous parking spots. In a country where beauty is at every turn, parking your campervan here gives you a clear picture as to why it is so popular. Further along the road is Mount Maunganui, your painting of New Zealand becomes brighter with white sand, crystal clear waters and abundance of wildlife roaming freely.


Franz Josef is a gorgeous little town in the south island whose beauty and places to explore is only second to Queenstown. It is a place to park your campervan, jump into a helicopter and have a thrilling glacier hiking experience.  You can also explore the rainforest and Lake Matherson; just keep your camera ready to capture the scenic beauty.


Most campervan travels cannot help but stop over and enjoy the captivating beauty of this magnificent snowcapped mountain and its turquoise blue glacier lakes. At night, you can enjoy viewing star constellations from New Zealand’s largest peak or take a boat ride in the glacier lakes and admire the beauty from a different angle.


After driving through the mountains, you come across Wanaka and its gorgeous lake and its tranquil atmosphere is ideal for relaxing. During winter, this region turns into a hub for skiing. However, do not write Wanaka off as just a chilling spot, you can enjoy walking, biking or fishing in the lake.