Top 5 Tourist Attractions Every Tourist Should Visit In New Zealand

New Zealand is the best place for travelers to explore. The entire country is full of beautiful spots that make you feel like you are in an enchanted forest. If you decide to visit all of them one after the other, you most likely aren’t going to complete your tour in one trip. This article would make your choice easy by listing the top five places every tourist should see while on a vacation in New Zealand.

1) Bay of Islands: You may have already heard of the Bay of Islands. I am here to tell you that all the rumors are true. The beauty of this region cannot be overemphasized. The Bay of Islands is located about three hours’ drive away from Auckland. It consists of 144 Islands between Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett. At the Bay of Islands, you would enjoy some interesting activities. You can decide to go scuba diving. If you are a marine life fan, you could also watch the Wales and Dolphins and in some cases swim with them. The most attractive feature of the Bay would be the hole of rocks.

2) Milford Sound: Milford Sound was carved by glaciers back in the ice ages. The cliff rises virtually from the dark waters, the peak of the mountain scrapes the sky and the waterfalls. The Milford sound is captivating to behold. It is no wonder the famous writer; Rudyard Kipling tagged it the eighth wonder of the world. Sightseeing at Milford Sound via boat is the best way to capture its beauty. Apart from the surface view, you can still visit the underwater observatory.

3) Auckland: This is the biggest city in New Zealand, is another magnificent place to visit. Auckland is home to the New Zealand international airport and as such makes for a good place to begin your exploration. In Auckland, you can book for a city tour or opt for a sailing experience on the Waitemata Harbor.

4) Christchurch: Christchurch is another exceptional place for tourism in New Zealand. The beautiful city suffered a total of four earthquakes between 2010 and 2011. Despite these setbacks, Christchurch has made a remarkable comeback. You should try touring through the botanical gardens and view the walking tracks, and horticultural displays. It is worthy of note that the botanical gardens of Christchurch have some of the largest trees in New Zealand.

5) White Island: You haven’t visited New Zealand until you have visited White Island, an active volcano in New Zealand. You can take a tour through White Island with a helicopter. Tourists are encouraged to wear a gas mask while passing through White Island because the volcano is very active. The original name of White Island is” To Puia I Whakaari” meaning “The Dramatic Volcano .” The white name Island was given to the volcano by Captain Cook in the year 1769. Captain Cook said that he gave the name to the volcano because each time he sailed adjacent to her, he noticed a cloud of steam above the active volcano.

Although you can still find up to five more tourist attractions in New Zealand, these are the five most beautiful and should be considered on your first visit to New Zealand.