Category: Odd Stories

Video: Marmite fetching 2,000 dollars a jar as New Zealand runs dry

Parts of New Zealand have run out of Marmite and prices are soaring following a nationwide shortage of the spread. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin.

Kiwi Farmers Say Sheep Shearing Should be an Olympic Sport

Farmers in New Zealand are lobbying for sheep shearing to become an Olympic sport. From the Washington Post: A New Zealand farm lobby group says sheep shearing has the potential to become an Olympic demonstration sport. Just don’t count on

New Zealand Woman Makes Headlines by Selling Ad Space on her Bum

Bidding reaches thousands of dollars as an enterprising New Zealand woman auctions space on her bottom for a tattoo design of the winner’s choice. Report by Dominic Mason. Cheeky!

Oh Dear: Nude Rugby in New Zealand – Video

Close Up reporter, Matt Chisholm meets the female member of the New Zealand Nude Blacks. 21 year old University of Otago student, Rachel Scott. Only in New Zealand!

New Zealand Man Builds Working Jetpack – Video

To demonstrate flight high above the ground and the concept of the ballistic parachute as an emergency safety system, the Martin Jetpack was flown to around 1500m (5000ft), brought down from this height and an off-the-shelf ballistic parachute was deployed.The

Kiwi Teens Survives 50 Days Lost at Sea

This story almost reads like the plot to The Life of Pi – minus the lion. A group of boys from New Zealand have survived a record 50 days adrift at sea. From Gadling: Three New Zealand teenagers believed to have