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Guest Post: Heading down under for your next bachelor getaway

As the final hoorah to single life, stag dos are one of the most important rituals for any man about to marry. Over the years popular stag do locations have varied from boozy weekends in Eastern Europe to the classic

Guest Post: Top 10 reasons to visit New Zealand in 2012

1. Beautiful Landscapes: We have seen the sheer beauty and vastness of the kiwi landscapes in films like “The Lord of the Rings”. The greenery and beauty of the tall mountains, coastlines, lakes and volcanoes are quite an amazing sight.

Guest Post: Plan the New Zealand trip of a lifetime – even after 75

With its reputation for awe-inspiring views and lush greenery, it is little surprise that many people have long dreamt of visiting New Zealand. However, lots of people decide to wait until after they have retired to finally make the trip.

Rebuilding Downtown Christchurch After a Series of Earthquakes

Here’s a great article over at The Atlantic Cities chronicling the current state of the reconstruction of Christchuch, New Zealand after it’s devastating earthquake last year. Click here to read in full.

Guest Post: Five Striking Similarities between the Kiwis and the Brits

New Zealand, a former British colony, may have been touched by the impact of diversity. Both countries have gone through whirling transitions that are converging on a daily basis. Nonetheless, as diverse as diversity is, there are remarkable resemblances that

Guest Post: A Foodie’s Guide to New Zealand

To really discover the finest culinary delights of New Zealand, you have to be prepared to relax. While the food itself is delicious, one of the things that most enhances the experience is the Kiwi preference for long, languid and

Guest Post: 5 Quirky Reasons to Visit New Zealand in 2012

James writes for Travellers often overlook New Zealand in favour of Australia, which is really just next-door. But New Zealand has plenty to offer travellers: from stunning scenery, to adventure holidays, to a rich and interesting history. If you’re

Happy New Year! 2012 Starts in New Zealand first

Check out this video of the 2012 New Year’s celebrations in Auckland New Zealand! Have a safe and happy 2012 everyone!

Interest in New Zealand Rekindled by ‘The Hobbit’

USA Today has a great feature article on how tourism in New Zealand has been ticking upwards due to interest created by the filming of ‘The Hobbit.’ Here’s an excerpt: Ian Alexander remembers the day well. He was watching a

Guest Post: A Brief Traveler’s Guide to New Zealand

My vacation at New Zealand was one of those memorable holidays in my entire lifetime. With its picturesque forested area, natural scenic mountain ranges and azure coastline boasting unique marine species, the beautiful country of New Zealand never stopped to