Guest Post: The History of the New Zealand Flag


New Zealand is one of the biggest countries in the southwestern Pacific. The country has a rich history dating evolutionary times and is believed to be one of the first settled landmasses on earth. As a country settled by the British at some point, the country comes from a strong background.

The New Zealand Flag denotes a huge path travelled by this great country and where it’s going. Presently, the color is characterized by a dark blue base with a British Union Jack on its upper left quarter and four, five-point, white red stars. The shape of these stars is the Southern Cross galaxy.

History for the New Zealand Flag and its adoption

History has it that the New Zealand flag was first introduced by the British in 1869. This came in the wake of the independence from the British who had settled there for many years. The official date on which the flag was adopted as a symbol of national unity was June 12, 1902 although the British finally gave independence in September 26, 1907. Since then, the New Zealand flag has been used as the main symbol of national unity a fact that is continuing to date.

Meaning of the New Zealand Flag

The New Zealand flag is a symbolism of the country’s rich history. The Union Jack is the British flag and this shows that the country was a British colony. The white stars which form the shape of the Southern Cross represent the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. These stars state that New Zealand is found in the southern Hemisphere; in a nutshell, New Zealand’s position on the globe.

Controversies about the New Zealand Flag

New Zealand’s flag has a skewed sense of British history, a factor that doesn’t seem to auger well with hardline natives of the country, most of whom are disturbed by the British stamp on their national symbolism. As a result, there have been numerous attempts to change the country’s flag to colors and symbolism that befits locals. Unfortunately or fortunately, these haven’t been successful as the country needs a 65% majority vote in a referendum to affect the change which has been hard to achieve so far.

Similarity of the New Zealand Flag with other countries

The New Zealand flag resembles a number of different flags. The closest in similarity according to reliable expert opinion is the Australian Flag.

Trends in the New Zealand Flag arena

Apart from the main national flag, New Zealand has a number of alternative flags. The maritime red and white ensigns are the two major alternatives and these are used for most of the other civil functions and for ornamental purposes. Flag poles are another crucial aspect for many flags and New Zealand has all of them, depending on the location and flag function. is a site dedicated to flag poles you can use to match flag poles for whatever function. You can also get your favorite flags here and celebrate your New Zealand descent.