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Video: City Splendour – New Zealand

Natasha, Anna, Dannii and Donna are four friends from the UK who aren’t shy of a good time. They had tickets to some of the biggest music concerts in London but gave them up for some city splendour in New

New Zealand Campervan Hire: Driving the Length of New Zealand

This is definitely on my NZ bucket list!

Air New Zealand unveils a Hobbit-inspired plane

Air New Zealand have unveiled a plane decked out with a huge The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey graphic. Report by Laurie Blake.

Article: Wellington without Bilbo: hobbit-free New Zealand haunts

New Zealand’s capital city has hotels, bars, coffee shops and galleries to enjoy without any sign of orcs, elves or the Shire Read more here.

Article: The ultimate Middle Earth self drive

To celebrate the release of new film The Hobbit, why not take a tour around its stunning New Zealand filming locations? This 13 day New Zealand self drive literally takes you through Middle Earth – or where Lord of the

Royal tour: what to see and do in Auckland

The Telegraph in London has a great summary of what to see and do in Auckland, New Zealand. Read more here.

Guest Post: How to Survive the Long Flight to America from New Zealand

A flight to America can vary from 12 to 18 hours, depending on the departing and arriving cities. If the thought of spending this much time on a plane makes you uneasy, do not worry – this is natural! That

Guest Post: Popular Extreme Sports in New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country with a big reputation for great natural beauty and adventure tourism. Some sports are thrilling and take skill and courage and then there is the next level. New Zealand holidays that include extreme sports

Kiwi Cool: Shopping For New Zealand-Made Souvenirs

When you go to the other side of the world, you want to bring back a few things to show for your trouble. Visiting New Zealand with my 1-year-old daughter, and with nephews at home in America, I became obsessed with finding them something

5 Websites To Help You Plan a Trip to New Zealand

After your passport, tourist visa and money, the only other necessity for travel is having access to the internet, somehow, at some point, anywhere. Google is man’s new best friend and is the difference between aimless wandering in a foreign