Guest Post: 3 Reasons to Buy a Honda Motorcycle

Did you know that Honda created the first motorcycle airbag? For years Honda has probably been the most rider-centric company in the industry, bringing the motorcycle culture to the everyman. Considering buying a Honda motorbike to cut down on gas costs? It might be time to shift gears, and find out for yourself why people love their Hondas… and never want to get rid of them.


When you first buy a Honda motorcycles UK, you have the option to design your own personal bike (call it Japanese tradition), from coloration to the individual parts. You can make it your own, and create your experience from the ground up! Despite this, their fit and finish is top notch, easily superior to their competition in visual appeal and technical quality.

Track Record

From the first motorcycle airbag to their standard and innovative Anti-lock breaking system, they’ve been paving their way as a safe brand for years. They’re constantly pushing their models to the peak of ridability, and haven’t stopped since 1959. They’re motto is “Happy owners make for happy engineers, and happy engineers change the world”.


Honda always makes sure that when you buy a motorcycle from them, you won’t be back for a while, unless you want an upgrade. Their parts are super durable, and it’s easy to spot a model from the 70′s, 80′s, or 90′s still being ridden around today. Once you buy your first model, you’ll probably be pretty satisfied for a while.

Just starting out? If you’re shopping for Honda motorbikes you can pick up a Honda cbf125, a dream for novice riders, and under £2,000. Veteran? Well, you know what you like. Whether it’s your first bike, or you’re a seasoned rider, you can’t go wrong with Honda, the leading manufacturer in the world.