Guest Post: What to Pack for Any Cruise

Cruising is one of the most luxurious ways to spend a holiday. Whether your idea of the ultimate getaway is to engage in energizing sport related activities, partake of exciting nightlife, embark on intriguing excursions into faraway lands or just relax and be pampered, cruising is for you. Here are some tips on what to bring aboard any cruise.


Each guest has a maximum luggage allowance to bring aboard, depending on the length of stay. This allowance is usually in excess of what airlines consider excessive or oversized baggage. A good rule of thumb is to contact your airline for its specific baggage policies. Whether flying or driving to the embarkation point, utilize a carry-on bag for all your essentials. Your hand baggage should contain any valuables such as money, jewellery, medication, keys, sunglasses, photography equipment and laptop computers. If you are flying, pack an extra set of casual wear in your carry-on bag in the event your checked bags are delayed. Also, be sure to carry identification documents on your person.

Necessary Documentation To Have On Hand

•       Full passport

•       Boarding pass

•       Any required visas

•       The credit card used to purchase your holiday

•       Any required inoculation records

•       Family legal documents

These items need to be presented before boarding the ship. Keep in mind that a passport presently takes approximately four to six weeks to obtain. Allow longer at busy times of the year. Passport and visa requirements may change and vary by destination.


Before packing your luggage, check on average temperature and weather conditions at the ports-of-call listed on your itinerary. Be sure to base your queries on conditions relevant to the time of year you will be arriving at the destination. Every port that your ship docks at will offer a wealth of opportunity for shopping, dining and touring local attractions. Check your land excursion itinerary for complete details and tips regarding special clothing.

Suggested Evening Attire Guidelines

Every cruise ship is unique. Day and night time activities vary according to the programmes available on board. However, when considering evening attire, take into account that there are three distinct dining experiences awaiting you in the main dining hall, so pack accordingly.


•       Men – a polo shirt and trousers

•       Women – a sundress or trousers

Smart casual

•       Men – a jacket and shirt with trousers

•       Women – a dress or trouser suit


•       Men – a suit and tie or a tuxedo

•       Women – a short cocktail dress or a gown

There are one to three formal nights during your stay aboard Voyager of the Seas cruises, as well as most other ships, depending on how many evenings your holiday accommodates. Children are required to adhere to the evening attire dress code as well. If you prefer casual dining, every ship offers at least one informal restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere for your evening dining pleasure.

Whether your destination takes you to New Zealand, the South Pacific or Asia, enjoy exciting land tour programmes, spectacular entertainment, first-rate service and fun on-board activities. Just don’t forget to save room in your luggage for souvenirs.