Best Things to do in Auckland New Zealand – Top Tourist Sites

It is little wonder Auckland is known to the locals as “the City of Sails”. Built around two harbours this city is dock to many a boat. It is the most densely populated city in all of New Zealand and shows the world how to combine the powerful dynamics of a city of business with the leisure and relaxation of the sea.

The highlight of Auckland is definitely the harbour. This is where the action is. Here you can jump on board a harbour cruise and take a guided tour. Pass the glamorous yachts and catamarans at the docks and see the glitzy houses of the rich and just very lucky, and venture out into the waters for quite a different and breath-taking view of the city on the sea.

If you want to step it up a notch you can join a match race in an American Cup yacht. Learn the ropes and plan a strategy before you set sail to the wind with your team and live the American Cup dream. Experience the thrill of the race in one of the most spectacular boats to set sail in this extraordinary bay.

While sailing on the harbour, be sure to duck when going under the bridge, as you may find people bungy jumping from a pod attached underneath it! Join them if you like. Partake in the Harbour Bridge climb then move on under it for your chance to plunge towards the water. The unique thing about this jump is that you can choose the level at which you want to be “dunked” into the water. You can stay dry, brush the water or dip right in it!

The harbour isn’t the only thing Auckland has going on though. For some more excitement, why not strap yourself to a harness and jump off New Zealand’s tallest building? While Auckland may be the business hub of the nation, in a country known for its extreme sports, the guys here couldn’t let the folks down in adventure capital Queenstown have all the fun! If Queenstown can offer cliff jumps, then Auckland can offer building jumps.

At 328 metres the Sky Tower stands as New Zealand’s tallest building. Of course you don’t have to jump off it. There are myriad of other things you can do, such as eat in their revolving restaurant, stand on a glass floor, take the Skywalk around the outside pergola, or simply take in the views!

In Auckland’s city centre you will find a number of restaurants, cafes and clubs to visit. But perhaps none more unusual than Freddy’s Ice House (also known as the Minus 5 bar). It’s made entirely out of ice. That’s right, the seats, the bar, the walls, even the roof. All ice. Its specialty drink? Vodka anything. Vodka straight, vodka mixer, vodka cocktail. As long as it has vodka in it you can drink it, as vodka is the only drinkable liquid that won’t freeze!

You are only permitted to stay in the bar for a maximum of 30 minutes. You are fitted with a warm suit and gloves and sent on in with a glass and a menu specializing in vodka. You can marvel at the ice sculptures, warm up on the dance floor or simply take a seat on the elaborate ice lounge.

In a city where you can bungy jump into water, race an American Cup yacht and chill out (literally!) in a bar made entirely of ice, you’ll never be bored!