The Hobbit: Tourism New Zealand Braces for Hobbit Fever

Tourism New Zealand released this a couple weeks ago and we thought it was worth sharing.

December’s international launch of the first trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will put Destination New Zealand centre stage for movie lovers world-wide, says Tourism New Zealand (TNZ).

The trailer’s release kicks off a new phase of strategic activity for TNZ that aims to convert the international attention New Zealand will draw, into travel.

Staff both here and in the United States are working to leverage the majestic scenery and buzz created around the movie and demonstrate how New Zealand – home of Middle-earth, is completely accessible to all travellers.

Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager Brand and International PR, Catherine Bates says the opportunities are significant.

“When we reflect on the hype generated internationally by The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you can start to get a feel for what is ahead.

“These movies help put New Zealand centre stage for international audiences and it is on top of this, this that we will running our New Zealand 100% Pure campaign work.

“We will be working alongside our NZ Inc partners developing cooperative consumer promotions, and focusing on our social media and channels to convert interest in New Zealand into travel.

“Our main goal is show how people coming to New Zealand can in fact get hands-on Middle Earth experiences with ease.”

There are many film-inspired activities and attractions for fans to visit while experiencing New Zealand’s dramatic scenery, one of the most popular being Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours.

A working sheep and cattle farm, Hobbiton formed the set for many of the scenes in The Hobbit.  The two-hour guided tour is a must-do on any New Zealand vacation.

New Zealand’s soaring mountains, lakes, rivers and plains that first caught the attention of the movie-going public in The Fellowship of the Ring will form the backdrop to the latest Tolkien epic.

More than 150 different locations throughout New Zealand were used to film The Lord of the Rings trilogy, from the rolling hills of Matamata standing in for the Shire to the volcanic region of Mt Ruapehu, which was transformed into the fiery Mt Doom.

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